Rusty Railey

Lead Pastor

Pastor Rusty is known for his unique ability to bring the Word of God to life in ways that challenge and inspire the heart of a believer. His relevance and genuine love for others as well as his driving passion to see all experience a relationship with God appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.


He strives to lead a Presence-Driven church that passionately pursues God’s Presence above all else and holds fast to the truth of God’s Word. He endeavors to do everything with a high level of excellence while honoring the people he serves daily. He seeks to lead a solution-providing organization that engages the community and region in which we are called to help, which opens the door to sharing the Gospel’s life-transforming message. Rusty holds a M.A. in Missional Leadership from Trinity Bible College & Graduate School and is working on his Ph.D. in Practical Theology.