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Check-in and Security System

First-time guests will go to the family check-in center, assisted by a friendly volunteer, to register the child. Each child will receive a name badge sticker and a parent pick-up sticker. Children will then enter our secure kid's wing and be escorted to their ministry areas.

At the end of service, parents can return to the security entrances with the parent badge to pick-up their child.

Core Values

  • God’s Word – Gives us wisdom to discern His Truth.
  • Influence – To surround ourselves with wise people to grow stronger together.
  • Value – Every kid has value!
  • Excellence – With a God-centered mindset we give our best in all we do.

Ministry Areas

Nursery (Infant – 2 years)

Infants through age 2 will be introduced to the love of Jesus by our qualified staff who will care for and pray over them while guiding them through age and developmentally appropriate activities.

Kids First Jr. (3 – 6 years)

Children ages 3 through 6 will be engaged in the Bible through worship, stories and play in our preschool environment. Our interactive learning community allows children to explore and learn cooperatively in our many child-friendly environments including the Kids First Jr classrooms, our Play Station, and outdoor playground!

Kids First (1st – 5th Grade)

Children in 1st-grade through 5th-grade experience the power of God’s Word through worship, interactive messages, and small groups. They are also equipped with weekly devotions to help the family connect through God’s Word at home.