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Core Beliefs

New Adults In Their Lives

The teachers and assistants are all new adults in your child's life and become like surrogate mothers for a short time. All of us at Kids' Connection strongly value family. It is our desire to give the kind of loving care that enables your child to take a step out into the real world and find it a place that he or she can handle as well as be comfortable in. As children feel love and acceptance, they will learn! Teachers and assistants are qualified by a consistent Christian testimony, experience, education, and by the local office of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. All personnel are chosen by the Preschool Board of First Assembly of God, have a personal relationship with God and have a love for and appreciation of the unique qualities of the preschool child.


Kids' Connection is a Preschool Service of First Assembly of God Church and will teach Christian beliefs, which are appropriate for three, four and five-year-olds such as, "God made us" and "God loves us". Children this age are capable and eager to learn about the goodness of God. They can fully accept God's creation of them and the world around them, as well as believe in God's love for them. We do not intend for Kids' Connection to be a Sunday-School program, but rather to reinforce the Christian values taught in the home. We say a prayer at snack time, remember our sick friends in prayer, and include God's name in conversation, as He is a part of our lives. All of our personnel are Christians interested in extending God's love to both you and your child.

Joys Of Learning And Growing

Our purpose at Kids' Connection is to give the proper experiences, in a loving environment, through play and social interaction, as well as structured activities that will help your child reach his or her greatest potential. We want to not only prepare our students for kindergarten but to work along with you to prepare them for life.

We are here to help your child make these connections:

  • Physically - to grow in strength and coordination
  • Emotionally - to gain confidence in oneself
  • Socially - to acquire the skills necessary to relate well to others
  • Intellectually - to increase in knowledge and discover learning is fun
  • Spiritually - to learn to communicate with God and feel God's love